SUBURBAN TRAVEL AND TOURS - "Back to our Roots" Tours

Posted on Wed September 13, 2017.

Suburban Travel and Tours was established in 2008 By Fatieg Behardien.
Fatieg's first group Tour to Indonesia took place in 2008. He named his tour "Back to our Roots"

When the sanctions were lifted in 1994 after the demise of apartheid, the world became our oyster.
Fatieg was intrigued about our fore-fathers, and where they came from. The Muslims in Cape Town are always referred to as "Cape Malays", when in fact, our fore-fathers originate from Batavia/Java.

This tour takes you back to the country where our fore-fathers were captured and enslaved by the Dutch.
We look at history from a different perspective, not the history we were taught at school, from the Dutch perspective.

The Indonesians did not know where their fathers/husbands/brothers ended up once they were captured.
They were not aware, that there was a large, thriving Muslim community living in Cape Town, largely the decendants of those captured so many years ago! They now consider us as the decendants of their warriors!